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How to make a beautiful ladybird craft art

make a ladybug craft with children
Black dots on a red back — ladybugs (or ladybirds) are the coolest garden creatures for many children. In this craft, we used a couple of hard to get things, but frankly, they are things you can substitute for more available things. Here is how...

Materials for the ladybird craft:
Styrofoam ball, peice of corrugated cardboard, flexible copper wire, some toilet paper or tissue paper.

materials to make a ladybird craft

First, cut the ball into two halves. We need only one half of it. Mark out a small area and cut out to fix the head there. Trace out the flat side of the half ball on the corrugated cardboard and cut it out, you should have a circle that fits the base of the half-cirle.

Squeeze some white paper glue onto the tissue paper and roll it in your hands to make a small ball for the ladybug's head. Patience!! Let it dry out a bit. Now apply some dry paper glue to the hole and tuck the ball into the circle. Wait for it to dry.

When it is dry, apply some paper glue to one side of the corrugated paper and place three strips of the copper wire in it. It may not hold well immediately, but not to worry. Apply some glue to the base of the ladybug too and stick it to the corrugated card. Wait for it to dry very well.

When it is dry, use your scissors to trim off the wires to make the legs shorter. The ladybug is done. Now is the time to color.

steps to make a ladybird craft

Prime the entire body with red and the head with black. The styrofoam is a bit tricky to color, but after one priming, the second application of red will be brighter. Then put the black dots randomly on it. Apply glue to the eyes and stick t there. Ladybugs do not have to be red and black. There are other colors too so feel free to use brown and black or yellow and black. Be creative with color. I hope you had fun. Make sure you share your results with us on facebook.

Beautiful ladybird craft for children

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