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Materials for making a craft

How to make an owlcraft

how to make an owl bird
If you think of an owl, one thing comes to mind: big round eyes! Thats the concept we can use to create this owl. Let's try it.

Materials Needed:
1. Paper roll, such as those in the toilet paper or kitchen paper towels. You can also make your own roll
2. Glue, Sharpie Pen and Scissors
3. Buttons, usually the bigger the better. It can be any colour, to give it an even interesting and fun feel.
4. Beads (any colour is fine)
5. Two colours of foam sheets (2 or 4 millimeter thick) You can also use a hard card.

materials needed to make an owl craft

First, flatten out the paper roll a bit, mark out the wings and cut it with the scissors. Make sure you do not cut it all through.

owl craft make the wings

Knock in the top-side of the roll and rub your thumb on it to smoothen the curves. Do the same for the other side and rub the rough edges to get a smooth depression on the top. That forms the ear of the owl. Now, get the marker (any colour of your choice) and make a texture design to represent the feathers of the owl. Do this on the entire roll.

step by step making of an owl craft

Time to do the eyes. Cut out two small circles from the brown foam sheet. Smaller than the plastic buttons. Then cut out two smaller black ones, small than the brown circles. Stick the smallest black circles onto the brown ones and then the brown ones onto the black buttons with some glue. Leave them for a minute to dry. You should have something like the picture below:

Make the body of the owl craft

Now, cut a piece of the foam sheet, about 2.5x4.5 inches and stick it into the paper roll to give it strength (make it sturdier). This way, when you lift the wings up, the hole from the cut-out will be covered by the foam-sheet.
owl eye craft

Make sure you push it all in. Now, lift the wings up a little bit. Get the eyes you made (hopefully they are dry by now). With your glue, stick the eyes on the paper roll and ensure that it dries. Plastic buttons do not stick very quick so be patient here. After that stick your bead on it to make the beak.

baby owl craft

Tadaaaa... owl! Hope you liked this. There are many materials that you can use for this craft. The win is in the eyes, so try to get some big eyes and your are gone! Have fun.

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