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Materials for making a craft

How to make a bumble bee craft

make a bumble bee craft with kids
One things about making a bumble bee with craft materials is that, it is easy to get it right, because of the unmistakable color and stripes of the little insect. Once you have something yellow and black, half the work is done. Let's try it.

Materials Needed:
Get the inside roll card form a toilet paper, 2 pom-poms, 5 long chenille stems, some wool felt (yellow) and some plastic eyes from you local craft shop. Get some flexible or soft plastic material (or a transparent materials). Cut a bit off the paper roll to make it shorter.

Materials to make a bumble bee craft

Cut a good size of the wool felt and secure it with the black felt. No need for glueing, just twist the stem where the two ends meet. Leave a bit of the felt as legs for the bee. Add more stripes as you wish.

Making the black stripes of the bee

Fold out a piece of flexible plastic into 2 and cut out the wings. Make a hole through the plastic so that the chinelle stems can run through. Secure the wings with the stems to the the top middle of the strips. If you like, you can design the wings to make it more interesting.

Making the black and yellow stripes of the bee

Add one pom-pom to one end of the roll. If yo have a good size of the pom-pom, it will fit in the hole with no worries. This makes the back of the bee. Cut out a good length of the stem for the antennas, and secure it to the first stripe of the beed (closest to the head). Take the second pom-pom and add stick the eyes to it with a good adhesive (glue).

fixing the wings of the bee

There you go, always fun. There is no hard rule about how craft is done. Just use your imagination and try out various ways of making it look prettier. Hope you enjoyed it.

Beautiful hobby time bumble bee craft

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