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Materials for making a craft

How to make a bird craft

make a bird craft with kids
We shall make a bird today, no particular bird, just a bird. You are free to try this with your own twist, especially if you do not have the materials suggested. Just be creative. Let's try it.

Tools: pencil, scissors, glue, colored pens and some (optional glitter glue). For materials, get two small black buttons, some colored feathers (or trips of paper), two circular papers, cut out from an old gift wrapper, one red circular card (about 4 inches in diameter) a 1x1inch square black paper... and that about it.

Materials Needed:

Materials to make a bird craft

Start by preparing the red circle, that will be the body of the bird. Locate the middle of the circle and use that as a guide to fold it along the lines as seen in the diagram below. DO NOT FOLD INTO TWO EQUAL HALVES!


Use a colored pen to do some designs on the card (number 2), just to make it interesting. I used dots. Now we will stick the tail feathers. You need a good glue, because you want it to stick quickly and well. Apply some glue to the inside of the broader end of the folded circle. Arrange your feathers nicely. Go get a cup of tea or drink some water and come back (in other words, leave it to dry well).


Cut out two circles from an old wrapper (3inch and 2inch in diameter). Again make some design on it to make it interesting. Apply glue to one side of the circle (number 6) and stick the smaller paper on it, so that the edge of the circles are in line (number 7). Now stick the double layer circular wrapping paper onto the back on the bird. You should be seeing something like number 8!


Hold the small 1x1inch black square card by one corner and apply some glue to the other corner. Do that to the other side too. You will need to slip the card between the two sides of the red card (back). Press down the folded circle, with the square between it firmly till they hold. That is the beak. Now apply some glue to the buttons and use them for the eyes.


The last bit is to use some of the glitter glue to do some more designs on the body of the bird, if you like. The bird should be able to stand on its own once the folded circle opens up a bit. The tail will also give it some support.

That is it. Hope you have some fun doing this.

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